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July 9th 2024

Summer is here and so are plenty of sizzling updates from the past month on Uxcel. Here’s the highlights from a busy June, including new releases, fresh courses and much more.

Build your professional design profile (on autopilot!)

We’ve revamped Uxcel profiles to make it easier for Designers to create the ultimate professional profile. Combine your professional experience, education and portfolio with everything you do on Uxcel to create a holistic picture of your career development. Every course you complete and certificate you earn will automatically appear in your profile. As you grow, your profile will reflect your progress and achievements.

Learn more with the full release notes for Profile here.

Deepen your understanding of psychology in UX Design

Our latest course, UX Design Psychology, is perfect for designers looking to better understand user behavior. Explore human perception, trust, cognitive laws, memory mechanisms, and mental models. By the end of the course, you’ll be equipped to create user-centered designs that align with common user behaviors.

Enroll in the course today to deepen your understanding of key psychological concepts and their implications for your own design work.

That’s a wrap! Our June Design Contest is now closed

The Inclusive Landing Page contest has now closed. A huge thank you to everyone who participated - we’ve been well and truly blown away by the quality of entries.

While submissions and voting have closed, you can still view and leave feedback on all submissions in Showcase.

What Happens Next?

Our team and mentors are scoring entries and pre-qualifying the top 30. Final results will combine these scores with community votes. Winners will be announced and prizes distributed from July 14th.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • Introducing a new top rank for Uxcel - Diamond. Reach the #1 spot to earn a badge for your profile.

  • We’ve added an additional confirmation message when you submit your salary.

  • We’ve improved the positioning of the Home page widget for mobile resolutions.

In case you missed it - Watch the webinar with Sage and Fujistu

If you missed our webinar with Lee Jefferey from Sage and Reece Flaherty from Fujitsu on building high-performance design teams, watch the full recording here. Lee and Reece also hosted a live AMA with our community with plenty of great questions and insightful answers. Catch up on the full discussion here.

July 2nd 2024

As designers, we face a constant battle to keep ourselves up to date. With every project published, job completed or new skill mastered, there is a need to revisited multiple profile links, design files, slides and resume documents. Oftentimes, the side of your professional self that you show to the world is out of sync and out of date compared to where you really are in your career today.

Showcasing your skills and experience shouldn’t have to be a burden. We’ve revamped Uxcel Profiles to bring together all of your skills, accomplishments and best work into one place.

A better way to build your design profile

How do you capture your entire design footprint? If you’ve ever applied for a design role, you’ll know hard hard it can be wrangling multiple design files, summary slides and a hastily updated PDF resume. The new Profile experience simplifies this process by consolidating all your key info into your ‘About’ tab. Add a short written summary about yourself, as well as your work experience and tool-stack to give viewers an overview of your professional self. We’ll take care of the rest...

Build your profile on autopilot

Everything you do on Uxcel contributes to building up your profile. Each time you complete a course or attain a certificate, your accomplishment will be added automatically to your profile. The badges you earn, streaks you maintain and overall activity also count towards your Designer Score, and you’ll find a more detailed breakdown of your top competencies in the Skill Graph tab. As you continue to learn and grow as a designer, your profile will accurately reflect your progress and accomplishments.

Showcase your portfolio

Profile now gives you a dedicated section to showcase the projects you are proud of. Curate your portfolio by selecting the Uxcel Projects that you want viewers to see, and add quick links out to external examples of your best work.

Learn from the best and grow your network

See a project or profile you like? Want to stay connected to a top contributor? Follow the top voices in the community and build your own following by creating content of your own. Mentors will also have the option to offer meeting schedules, so that users can connect with top designers for guidance and feedback sessions.

Keep tabs on your progress and presence

You’ll notice an all-new analytics dashboard in your about section. Toggle between your learning stats and community activity to see key metrics such as number of profile views and courses completed. Monitor your progress over time to stay on top of your learning goals and elevate your presence within the community.

Put your front foot forward

Whether you’re applying for your dream design role or just want to be prepared when opportunity calls, your Uxcel profile will be one click away. Copy your profile URL to share your professional profile with potential employers and fellow designers.

Get verified and boost your visibility

Earn verified status on Uxcel by completing a short profile checklist. Once verified, your avatar will gain a verified badge, which will show alongside every project, review and comment you make on Uxcel.

June 19th 2024

New Content

The way we interact with the world is deeply rooted in psychology. Every decision we make, every preference we have, and even our subconscious actions are grounded in common patterns of human behaviors. The best UX designers understand how to leverage these patterns to create products and experiences that people love.

We created our latest course, UX Design Psychology, for designers who are looking to improve their understanding of the fundamental principles behind user behavior. You’ll explore human perception and trust and dive deep into key psychological concepts and their implications for UX designers, including cognitive laws and the mechanisms of memory and mental models. By the end of the course, you’ll be ready to create user-centered, psychologically informed designs that align with common user behavior patterns.

This course is intended for experienced designers who want to gain deeper insight into the ‘why’ behind common UX principles and best practices. If you’ve ever wondered why a single negative experience can be a deal-breaker or why too many menu options will overload your users, this course is for you!

Enroll in the course today to start building up your knowledge and improving your designs through psychology.

June 10th 2024

Product Update

May was a bumper month at Uxcel packed with fresh features and exciting updates. Here’s a roundup of all things new on Uxcel this month, as well as a sneak peak at what’s happening in June.

Publish your work and get expert feedback with Projects

We’ve made it easier for Designers to showcase their work with all the vital context on Uxcel. Projects provide a single interface for member to upload, explain, and get expert feedback on their work.

Learn more about Projects in the full release article here.

Certifications are now part of Pro membership

Certifications are now included in the price of our pro membership. Pro members can take apply for as many certifications as they like. If you don’t have Uxcel Pro, you’ll need to upgrade before you attempt to get certified.

New Designr Exercises

There are 5 new interactive Designr exercises to try out on Uxcel Go. Test your knowledge and sharpen your skills by trying out these exercises:

Download Uxcel Go to practice design when you're on the move.

Improvements and bug fixes

  • We’ve added Qatar to the list of countries you can select in your profile.

  • You can now submit as many projects for a design brief as you like.

  • We’ve made it easier to submit your projects to a Design Brief, and browse submissions by brief.

  • When you create a new account on Uxcel, we’ll prompt you to take a quick skill test so you can understand your current level and so that we can personalize your learning recommendations.

  • You’ll now find a help menu in the bottom left corner of the app with plenty of useful resources. You can purchase gift cards from within the app by navigating from the new help menu.

Uxcel is now on Mobbin

Take a peek under the Uxcel hood and find inspiration for your own creations by exploring Uxcel on Mobbin. You can also check out our article on where to find meaningful inspiration for UX/UI.

Get involved in the community this summer

The weather is heating up and so is our community event schedule! Here’s how you can connect with like-minded designers in June.

Our June Design Contest is now live

To celebrate Pride Month, we’re running a contest across the month of June. Entrants need to create an inclusive landing page design and supporting UX/UI case study. There’s $7500 in prizes up for grabs, so be sure to submit your entry by June 30th for your chance to win big!

Learn more about our June Design Contest here.

Save the date - Building high-performing design teams with Sage and Fujitsu webinar

On June 18th 2024, 17:00 CET, we’ll be hosting a webinar with Lee Jefferey from Sage and Reece Flaherty from Fujitsu, who will be sharing their experience on how to build a high-performing design teams.

Book your place here.

May 22nd 2024

New Feature

You’ve created an amazing design or awesome case study, but how do you share it with the world? Getting eyes and feedback on your work is a messy process. We’ve created Projects to help Designers share, explain and discuss their work. Submit your latest and greatest designs to receive actionable feedback and get recognition from the Uxcel community.

What type of work can I submit as a Project?

Any type of design work can be turned into a Project, including case studies, design files or user research. You can submit your very best work or ask for request feedback from the community on an early stage idea. If you’re starting from scratch and looking for inspiration, check out our library of Design Briefs.

Design brief submissions are now projects

When you submit a new Design Brief, it will be published as a Project. If you’ve already submitted a Design brief, you can modify your submission to take advantage of the new features such as adding commentary and being able to reply to Project reviews.

🧠 Tip: Learn how to submit an awesome design brief in this article.

Give your work vital extra content

As Designers, we often struggle to provide commentary and insight into the decisions we’ve made. Projects lets you add a written overview to your work, supported by multiple screenshots or media that hone in on key parts of your files. Guide reviewers through your thinking and help them understand the intention behind your work.

Become a better designer with expert feedback

The best designers know that feedback is key to improving their work. Once published, your Project becomes a dedicated page and will be added to showcase. Uxcel mentors and community members will be able to rate your project and provide detailed reviews, and you reply directly to comments in the reviews section.

When you’ve taken your project’s reviews on board, jump back in to make the final touches.

🧠 Tip: See how reviews can grow your Designer profile here.

Build a powerful portfolio

Ever been asked to share examples of your work? Projects makes it easy. Every project you publish is automatically added to your ‘My Projects’ tab. You’ll always have a curated selection of your best work to share with potential employers.

Great work gets recognized

Any Project you submit is eligible for our regular Community and Editor’s choice awards. Award-winning projects will be tagged with a unique badge and highlighted in showcase. Crafting a great Project is an awesome way to get your work seen by over thousands of members, and you can share your accomplishment on LinkedIn or with potential employers.

Compete to win prizes

We’ll be hosting regular Design competitions with prizes for the best projects. Keep an eye out for upcoming challenges and put your skills to the test!

Projects for teams - a better way to handle your design reviews

Are you struggling to keep track of design reviews with files full of comments? Simplify your design crit process with Uxcel Projects. Empower your Design team with everything they need to upload, explain and take feedback on their latest and greatest work.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Projects can improve your Design team’s workflow, get in touch or start a free team trial today.

April 3rd 2024

Product Update

Uxcel has done it again and recently achieved great results in the design education world. We earned 66 badges in the G2 Spring 2024 Report, showing we're a top choice for learning UX/UI design. This award proves our approach to teaching design works well and keeps us as a favorite for those wanting to improve their design skills.

Uxcel's Approach to Design Education

What makes Uxcel stand out? It's our teaching approach. We believe that learning design should be both engaging and straightforward. Our platform enables everyone to understand the complexities of UX/UI design through interactive and enjoyable methods. We employ proven techniques such as active recall — testing yourself to bring information from memory at each step of the revision process—and spaced repetition, where learning sessions are spaced over time, enhancing long-term information retention. Additionally, we tailor the learning journey, concentrating on the specific needs of each learner.

Recognition in G2 Spring 2024 Report

The G2 Spring 2024 Report compares different e-Learning platforms, and getting 66 badges was a big win for us. It shows that our content and way of teaching are top-notch. It's a big compliment to the hard work we put into making sure our learners have a great experience. Here are some highlights of our wins:

  • We're an Overall Spring 2024 High Performer in eLearning Content, Online Course Providers, and Technical Skill Development for Enterprise companies.

  • We’re an Overall Spring 2024 High Performer in eLearning Content, Online Course Providers, and Technical Skill Development for Mid-market companies.

  • We’re a regional Spring 2024 High Performer in eLearning Content, Online Course Providers, and Technical Skill Development for Enterprise, Mid-Market, and Small Business companies in 20+ regions.

  • We were recognized for having the Highest Ease of Use Product in the eLearning Product category for Spring 2024.

Impact on the e-Learning Landscape

This achievement has made a significant impact on e-Learning for design. By setting new standards for quality and satisfaction, we've inspired other platforms to step up their game. Our success highlights a clear, growing need for specialized training in this digital era. As Uxcel gains more ground, the value of top-notch UX/UI training is only going to become more essential.


Earning 66 badges in the G2 Spring 2024 Report is a big deal for us. It shows our dedication to offering high-quality and innovative design education. This not only highlights how effective our platform is but also cements our place as a leader in e-Learning for design.

Looking ahead, we're thrilled to continue paving the path in UX/UI design education and career development.

March 17th 2024

New Feature

Tired of one-liner feedback like "Nice work!" on design platforms that barely scratch the surface? Real growth needs more than empty praise—it demands expert insights and actionable advice.

🚀 Introducing Uxcel's Design Briefs & Showcase! 🚀

Say goodbye to shallow 'great jobs' and say hello to meaningful critique. Last year alone, over 2,000 design challenges were completed on Uxcel by our community members, sharpening their UX skills and unleashing creativity. Now, we're taking it up a notch:

✅ Transforming challenges into Design Briefs — design exercises that are not just about pretty UI, but a complete set of challenges to empower any design role. Carefully crafted to help you practice your skills at any level, and build your design portfolio.

🎨 Enter Showcase: where your projects take center stage before the entire Uxcel community, including a panel of seasoned Uxcel Experts. They're not just reviewers; they're your mentors, ready to elevate your design craft with wisdom that only experience can offer.

💎 Welcome Uxcel Experts — a select group of industry professionals committed to fostering the growth and excellence of the design community through meaningful feedback, mentorship, and guidance.

Ready to ditch doom scrolling for active growth? Get started on Design Briefs, showcase your mastery, and soak in the expert advice. It's not just feedback; it's fuel for your design journey, propelling your UX design skills into the stratosphere.

Take charge of your growth—practice relentlessly, embrace invaluable feedback, and with every expert tip, improve your design craft.

March 13th 2024

New Content

Ready to take your Figma skills from 0 to 1? Our new course, Introduction to Figma, is perfect for designers eager to learn or refine their Figma expertise.

Dive into the basics, grasp essential interface components, and master collaboration techniques. Then, enhance your workflow with in-depth lessons on layer management, layout grids, and typography.Experience transformative learning with our 100% video-based exercises.

This course is designed for anyone starting their Figma journey, but it's also a great fit for experienced users aiming to polish their skills. Fill in any knowledge gaps and set yourself on the path to Figma mastery.

Become proficient in Figma, and let's make your design workflow much more fun and efficient. Discover the course today and take your Figma skills to the next level!

February 27th 2024

Product Update

Exciting news for the academic world! 🎓 Uxcel proudly introduces Uxcel for Universities, a pioneering initiative tailored for education providers. This program bridges the crucial gap between academic study and real-world design work, offering students an interactive, industry-relevant learning experience.

With Uxcel for Universities, educators can now enrich their curriculum with over 20+ design courses and 100+ hands-on projects, all crafted by top industry experts. It's a comprehensive suite where gamified, habit-forming experiences meet robust, real-world application.

For students, this means access to a skill assessments platform to identify strengths and areas for growth, real-life design briefs for practical engagement, and the chance to earn industry-leading certifications that enhance employability.

Uxcel for Universities isn't just a tool; it's a transformational journey that prepares students for their future roles, ensuring they step into the professional world with confidence, skill, and a portfolio to impress.

Get your institution ahead of the curve. Apply to get Uxcel for your university today and empower the next generation of designers! 🚀

February 20th 2024

Product Update

We’re excited to announce the launch of Uxcel Cares – our heartfelt initiative dedicated to empowering non-profit organizations through design education.

Uxcel Cares aims to put design education tools in the hands of those who are making a positive impact on the world. By providing free access to our top-rated UX education platform, we support job seekers, underrepresented communities, eager students, and the dedicated researchers at non-profits globally.

This initiative underscores our commitment to closing the design skills gap and fostering a community where knowledge and resources are shared generously. With Uxcel Cares, nonprofits can tap into our extensive library of interactive courses, real-world projects, and assessments – all designed to help teams grow and succeed.

We believe that everyone should have the opportunity to learn and excel in design, and with Uxcel Cares, we're making that vision a reality, one organization at a time. Join us in this journey of making the world a more design-literate place.If you're part of a non-profit looking to enhance your team's design capabilities, apply to become a Uxcel Cares partner today and let's design a better future together!